About Me

I’m a scientist turned communicator, and I got here by way of food. 

After a 10-year career in the environmental sciences, I followed my foodie heart and eventually started a confections business.  My love for the environment remained, but instead of spending it on tests and lab data, I redirected it toward a specialty food business that was all about sustainability: small batch production, made for a local audience, crafted with quality natural ingredients, and always with the proper amounts of time, attention, love, and care.  Sort of a candy version of the slow food concept. 

I managed all aspects of my business, from developing my own recipes, to handcrafting each and every candy, to selling my products at local markets across Western Washington.  Two years passed like a dream.  I was making chocolates for a living!  But as crazy as it sounds, there was one thing I enjoyed even more: writing about it.   

Writing has always been second nature to me.  Every complicated thing I ever had to communicate to anyone, I preferred to say it in writing.  It was only a matter of time before I realized I could combine my love of word craft with my passion for quality foods.  It thrills me to be able to use my unique skillset to write content that helps others build their company brand and strengthen relationships with their customers. 

If your business insists on quality ingredients and feels strongly about sustainable practices, I get it.

Let’s talk.